VLT-pro: de elektro-hydraulische behandeltafel

veterinary examination tablewatch movieThe VLT-pro has been functioning in the most demanding situations without problems for many years. The electro-hydraulic drive in this table guarantees an unequalled performance. It takes only 12 seconds for the VLT-pro to rise from the lowest position to the highest and vice versa. When the VLT-pro is at the lowest position the step up is only 17cm, the lowest step in available veterinary examination tables.

This veterinary examination table is completely manufactured with stainless steel and the joints are fitted with bronze bearings. This makes the table not only attractive, but also ensures long durability. The adjustable leg allows the table to be stabilised on any surface, and due to its low weight does not need to be in a fixed position.

veterinary examination tableSafety of man and animal is guaranteed with a VTL-pro veterinary examination table. Our examination table is designed in such a way that the scissor-like legs are fitted at a safe distance from each other. All of our examination tables are fitted with an emergency stop button. The VLT-pro is also fitted with a touch sensitive safety control panel which is situated just under the table top. When this safety control panel is pressed the movement of the table is immediately stopped. The other safety features of the VLT-pro include a metal lock on the power supply cable, hose breakage protection, and protection against over pressure of the hydraulic system. As far as the manufacturer is aware the VLT-pro is the only veterinary examination table on the market which complies with all of the CE requirements as set out in the European guidelines for lifting tables (PREN 1570).

voetbedieningThe VLT-pro is practical and easy to use. The ergonomically fitted foot pedals allow for easy raising and lowering of the table top. As the electric unit is fitted underneath the table top, it is protected from becoming dirty and is not in the way when cleaning. Above all, due to the light weight of the table it is easy to move, allowing for thorough floor cleaning. Another important feature of the VLT-pro is the �plug and play� principle: installation takes only 10 minutes. Once it is installed minimum maintenance is required, allowing years of problem free use.

J-Tools the manufacturer believes without doubt that the VLT-pro is the best veterinary examination table available at the moment. This is evident in the product guarantee: J-Tools provides a three year full guarantee on the VLT-pro. If you are considering purchasing a veterinary examination table and wonder whether the VLT-pro is as good as we say, we can offer you a no strings attached trial period.

veterinary examination tableFinally, we would like to inform you that since 2001 all of our VLT-pro tables, without any exceptions, have been working without fault to this day. If you would like comments and opinions from current users, we would be happy to supply you with references. The table is currently used in veterinary practices here and abroad, and also in the veterinary health department of a University.

Technical specifications of VLT-pro

Composition Stainless steel, with bronze bearings
Weight 60 kg
Load bearing capacity 90 kg
Worktop dimensions 136 x 60 cm
Operated by Electro-hydraulic system
Raising and lowering time 12 seconds
Minimum height 17 cm
Full height 105 cm
Safety features emergency stop button, safety control panel, hose breakage protection and protection against over pressure of the hydraulic system
Electrical capacity 230 Volts
Warranty 3 years full warranty
CE requirements as set out in the European guidelines for lifting tables (PREN 1570).