No more lifting

Every day animals need to be lifted on and off the examination table. The larger the animal is, the greater the stress on your body. With a veterinary examination table from J-Tools lifting will be a thing of the past in your practice.

The J-Tools examination tables offer everything a veterinary practice requires: durability, safety, practically maintenance free and simple to clean. If you have special requirements, we will do our best to meet them. As well as our manufacturers product guarantee, the examination table from J-Tools is also insured for years of problem free use.

Our veterinary examination tables are available in two models.


The VLT-pro has been on the market since 2001. This examination table has earned the reputation of being "the absolute best in veterinary examination tables". The VLT-pro is fitted with an electro-hydraulic drive which guarantees a performance no other veterinary examination table can deliver. Quality has its price; the performance standard and quality of the equipment used in the VLT-pro are evident in the price.

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The VLT-basis was added to our supply line in 2006. The construction of the VLT-basis is identical to that of the VLT-pro. The VLT-basis is fitted with an electric drive, meaning that the raising and lowering takes a few seconds longer and the height for stepping on is slightly higher. Another difference is that the VLT-basis doesn't have a touch sensitive safety control panel, which forms part of the equipment of the VLT-pro. Due to these differences in design, the price of the VLT-basis is significantly lower than that of the VLT-pro, while the performance level almost reaches that of the VLT-pro.

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As well as these two standard examination table designs it is also possible to provide tables for special requirements. For example, the examination table top can be combined with a built in weighing scale (developed in conjunction with Vetin Aacofarma), with an 'echo table top' which has a removable ledge in different sizes, or with removable clasps. There is also a version on wheels, allowing for smooth movement of a patient, or adaptations to the table top are possible. In a word, if you have specific needs, let us know. Wherever it is possible, we'll come up with a suitable solution.