A clear view of technical problems, a sharp eye for practical solutions

J-Tools was established around 10 years ago. The first order that we sunk our teeth into was the development of a veterinary examination table. We received so much praise for this examination table from the veterinary world that J-Tools instantly became a renowned name. Our order book was full with almost only veterinary orders for the first few years.

More recently companies from other sectors have come to value what J-Tools has to offer. Thus we have mastered almost the complete range of metal processing techniques and deal with any concerns, for example, in the application of electro-hydraulics. Besides possessing extensive knowledge in technical products, J-Tools also has a lot of expertise in the technical product development field. In spite of the restrictions of a small company we are able to offer our customers an extensive prospectus generally only to be found in much larger businesses.

Our customers benefit greatly from what a relatively small contractor can offer. Our technical capacities are equal to the those of much larger outfits, but it certainly does not apply to our overhead costs. We are prepared to delve into the most diverse technical problems and thereby always put the specific needs of the customer first.

You can get an impression of the results of this approach on the project example and product example pages. If you would like to know whether J-Tools is in a position to meet your needs, then don't hesitate to contact us. We will gladly, with no strings attached, look into your problem.

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