Veterinary applicatorThis product has been specially developed so that large numbers of pigs and cattle can be vaccinated without causing too much strain to your back, arm or shoulder. J-Tools veterinary injector is a Kaycee injection gun that is fitted with a flexible syringe and a refillable barrel with air expeller.

This applicator has been ergonomically designed and is easy to use. It fits comfortably in the hand reducing strain to the hand and wrist. During vaccination the movement made by the animal is lessened by the shock absorbent flexible syringe. This means that there is a considerable difference to the strain on your back, arm and shoulder when vaccinating livestock.

It also makes it possible to have a hand free to be able to mark the vaccinated animal. This flexible syringe is available in various sizes. Disposable cannulas with an aluminium luer can be used with this veterinary injector. Apart from a refill syringe of 250 or 500cc, the injection pistol can also be fitted with a standard syringe.

This product is virtually maintenance free. The injector should be washed with warm soapy water after use. In the unlikely event of a fault, our repair service would be happy to help.

J-Tools has also developed a pneumatic prototype of this veterinary injector, and expect to start the production of this injector within the year.