What a small company can be big in

J-Tools is a small but versatile company. The development and manufacture of select mechanical parts, instruments and apparatus is the heart of our business. Our focus is on the production of one-off pieces, small series and annual orders.

J-Tools core business started in the veterinary sector and is still the most significant market in our business. In response to veterinary problems we have developed solutions particular to technical needs. In some instances this has led to the development of an instrument or apparatus that is of such importance that we have subsequently manufactured a series of this product. We have been exporting our veterinary examination tables, stretchers and vaccination applicators to various countries for the last few years.

Over the last few years we have also received orders from other sectors. Some were impressed by our ability to overcome the restrictions of a small company, master nearly every metal processing technique as well as our exceptional knowledgeable in electro-hydraulics. For others, our expertise in the field of technical product development was the most important reason to involve us in their projects.

We believe that the surplus value of J-Tools lies in the combination of these two qualities and in our willingness to put the specific needs of our client first at all times.